Malzberg: I Don’t Believe Coulter and Trump Have This Relationship That She Perpetuates

Radio host and political commentator Steve Malzberg gives his take on the Coulter-Trump feud in an interview with RT on Monday. Malzberg said although Coulter acts like she has a close relationship with Trump he believes that she doesn’t have an in with the president.

STEVE MALZBERG: To be honest with you, Donald Trump fairly recently said, ‘Look, the media believes that I take orders from Ann Coulter.’

That’s one of the people they cited when they noted that the president backed off signing a budget deal. They said Rush Limbaugh complained, Ann Coulter complained. He said, ‘Look, I haven’t talked to Ann Coulter in over a year. I don’t know her. I don’t know her that well.’

She did speak at one of his rallies, maybe introduced him, but I don’t believe that they have this close relationship. So I don’t think that there is really that much of a relationship for them to be on the outs about if you will. I think Ann Coulter is trying to perpetuate this notion that she’s really in with the president and I don’t think that she is.

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