Malzberg: Apply Red Flag Law To CNN’s Cuomo, “Take His Gun Now”

RT AMERICA: Even President Trump is weighing in on CNN reporter Chris Cuomo’s foul-mouthed tirade against a heckler who referred to him as “Fredo,” an anti-Italian slur which Cuomo alleges is the equivalent of “the N-word.” Civil rights attorney Robert Patillo and conservative commentator and conservative commentator Steve Malzberg join News.Views.Hughes to discuss the controversy. 

MALZBERG: He blamed the kids at the Lincoln Memorial, the Covington High School kids with the MAGA hats, he said that they should have deescalated the situation, they should have walked away. Huh? Did he deescalate the situation? Did he walk away? I’m mad at Donald Trump, because he’s going to get all the credit, but I have to tell you, last night, as soon as this story broke, I posted that the ‘red flag law’ signed into law by Cuomo’s brother in February here in New York State should apply to him. Because obviously, he has the potential to take a verbal confrontation and make it violent. He begged the guy to take a swing at him. he said, “swing at me, hit me.” And he threatened the guy. That’s nobody who should have a gun. They should take his gun now.




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