Roger Stone Warns to ‘Stay Away’ from Justice for J6 ‘Agitprop’ D.C Rally – Breitbart

Long-time Republican political operative Roger Stone called on “patriots” to avoid the upcoming “Justice for J6” rally, describing it as “agitprop” and a “setup,” while warning that largely government operatives will be attending.

Appearing on Steve Malzberg’s weekly commentary show Eat the Press in a pre-recorded interview, Stone addressed the Washington D.C. “Justice for J6” rally scheduled for Saturday to support those arrested in connection with the January 6 protests.

Some have also taken to calling it the “Justice for Ashli Babbitt” rally in reference to the woman shot and killed by a police officer during the January 6 U.S. Capitol riot.

While authorities claim to be fearing violence and with Capitol police asking that fencing be restored around the Capitol building, Stone was unmoved.

“This is called ‘agitprop,’” he said, in reference to political (originally communist) propaganda. “I don’t know a single person in the MAGA movement who’s going.” 

“It’s a setup,” he added. 

Claiming that “the people who will be there will all be working for the government,” Stone reiterated that he was not personally aware of anyone planning to attend.

“I don’t know a single person who is going,” he said. “I’m not going.” 

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