Naomi Wolf: “Totalitarian Lie” That You Have To Get Vaccinated For Others


Feminist author Naomi Wolf said the COVID pandemic has led to people exposing their “cruelty” by “othering” the unvaccinated and withholding medical care for them. In an interview with RT’s Steve Malzberg, Wolf said we are living in a Chinese Community Party (CCP) media environment where scientists like Dr. Robert Malone and podcasters are told “you must not speak about whatever your concerns are.”

“These are huge questions and they are also related to how the White House has allowed a President who is suffering from cognitive impairment to have a two hour press conference,” Wolf told Malzberg. “I believe the coup has already taken place in the sense that many thoughtful people have persuaded me with evidence that we are not in a situation in which are adversaries are not benefiting from our decline, and in some ways not hasting it.”

“The fact that I can’t walk into a restaurant in my own city, New York City, the great melting pot, the great liberator of refugees from totalitarian regimes from around the world. It leads to the Nazification of public discourse that we are seeing. It’s tragic and it ends in a very bad place, but I’m not surprised to see people saying things now they wouldn’t have said two years ago,” Wolf said.

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