Steve Malzberg: Whoopi Goldberg Isn’t Anti-semitic, Just a Fool – Barrett Sports Media

Broadcaster Steve Malzberg reacted to Whoopi Goldberg’s suspension on his “Eat the Press” show on the RT American platform.

Television host Whoopi Goldberg is still suspended for her comments regarding the Holocaust. “The View” announced it was sidelining Goldberg for two weeks amid public outrage.  

Recently, Jewish-American broadcaster Steve Malzberg reacted to Goldberg’s suspension on his “Eat the Press” show on the RT American platform. 

Malzberg said there was a breaking point for Goldberg’s comments, but she crossed the line of acceptability when she said, “Blacks, whites, and Jews, eat each other.” 

“There are so many problems with that; I’ll just keep it simple,” Malzberg said. “Blacks, whites, Jews, Italians, may all eat each other, but they don’t throw each other into gas chambers and ovens as part of the final solution in an attempt to wipe out what was referred to as an inferior race.” 

About two out of every three Jews living in Europe before the war were killed in the Holocaust. When World War II ended in 1945, six million European Jews died. 

Malzberg told his audience that Goldberg is “not an anti-Semite, just a fool.” Malzberg used Gina Carano, former star of The Mandalorian, as an example of the hypocrisy that exists in Hollywood. 

Carano was fired from the show last year after sharing a post on social media implying that being a Republican today is “like being Jewish during the Holocaust.” 

“To me, both ladies made similar comments, so why was one fired and Whoopi not?” Malzberg asked. “Whoopi take your two weeks paid vacation and shut up, or better yet quit; I dare you.”

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