Roger Stone: Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Jan. 6 Comments Were Wrong

(relevant portion begins at 27:00)
Roger Stone, who attended the speech where Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) joked if she were behind the January 6th Capitol Riot it would have been armed, called her comments irresponsible in an interview with Steve Malzberg on TNT Radio.

“I completely repudiate that remark, I disagree with it entirely,” Stone said. “The idea that anyone would enter the Capitol armed, or even unarmed, for that matter. I I feel sorry for those misguided individuals who thought that that was actually going to help Donald Trump or the movement that they believed in, when in fact I think it was counterproductive. And I think that her comments were wrong, I think they were irresponsible. I’m not sure who she was trying to appeal to, but I entirely disagree with them.”

After accusing the left of practicing “guilt by association” Stone revealed that he bolted the event during Greene’s speech, “I was in attendance, simply as a guest. I didn’t speak, but those did not reflect my views. I left before she finished speaking.”

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