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RT AMERICA: Has the #MeToo movement overreached with women’s criticism of former Vice President Joe Biden’s famously physical “avuncular” mien or are the Democrats rushing to his defense revealing a hypocritical double-standard? Civil rights attorney Robert Patillo and conservative commentator Steve Malzberg join News.Views.Hughes to debate.
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RT AMERICA: Steve Malzberg (in for Rick Sanchez) discusses the latest details of the Easter Massacre in Sri Lanka and the dearth of mainstream media coverage concerning the persecution of Christians around the world. He points out that the comparatively apolitical story of the Notre Dame fire was all-too-convenient for establishment media, whose reporting led...
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Radio host and political commentator Steve Malzberg gives his take on the Coulter-Trump feud in an interview with RT on Monday. Malzberg said although Coulter acts like she has a close relationship with Trump he believes that she doesn’t have an in with the president. STEVE MALZBERG: To be honest with you, Donald Trump fairly...
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