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Top Democrats, media silent after Durham indictments of those who defended, promoted false Russia hoax

  Thursday, Nov. 4, 2021. Danchenko, a Russian analyst who contributed to a dossier of Democratic-funded research into ties between...
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Malzberg CNN

CNN Ratings Plummet – Malzberg

Steve Weighs in at the 18 minute mark of the video below     RT America’s John Huddy reports on...
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Conservative Transgender Commentator Blaire White: Rape of VA Girl Politically Inconvenient for Left

Blaire White: Rape of VA Girl ‘Politically Inconvenient’ for Left – Breitbart

Blaire White, a popular conservative transgender YouTuber, called out the media blackout of the rape of a 9th grade girl...
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Malzberg EpochTV Review: Two Americas

In the Counterculture series, Danielle D’Souza Gill talks with radio host Steve Malzberg about our divided nation and its future...
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Radio Host John Gibson Destroys Left-Wing Media’s ‘Missing White Girl Syndrome’ Petito Narrative

In an interview with Steve Malzberg on his weekly Sunday commentary show Eat the Press, former talk show host and...
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Pivoting to News/Talk Was A Natural Move For Steve Malzberg

RT America host Steve Malzberg’s accomplished career began in sports but deep down he always had a passion for politics....
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Roger Stone Warns to ‘Stay Away’ from Justice for J6 ‘Agitprop’ D.C Rally – Breitbart

Long-time Republican political operative Roger Stone called on “patriots” to avoid the upcoming “Justice for J6” rally, describing it as...
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Biased Media Won’t Call Out Election Whoppers Horace Project 21

In an interview with Steve Malzberg on the RT network program “Eat the Press,” Horace pointed out how the facts...
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Actor Robert Davi: ‘Unbelievable’ Biden Afghanistan Exit ‘Like a Planned Nefarious Decision’

“First off, 20 years of blood and treasure [in Afghanistan] and we don’t have a strategy, we don’t know who...
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Andy Ngo: Inability To Blame Trump For Social Unrest Undermines Media

Posted By Ian Schwartz On Date August 30, 2021   Independent reporter Andy Ngo said now that former President Donald...
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Sharyl Attkisson: Media Asking “Fairly Ginger” Questions To Biden About Afghanistan Compared To How They’d Treat Trump

Posted By Ian Schwartz On Date August 23, 2021   Investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson tells RT Host Steve Malzberg there...
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Malzberg: Does Don Lemon Realize Vaccine Passports Will Hit Black New Yorkers The Hardest?

Posted By Ian Schwartz On Date August 13, 2021 RT’s Steve Malzberg on CNN’s Don Lemon and CNN’s Fareed Zakaria...
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